Monday, November 17, 2008

Essentially, this blog is for me to document my trip to Japan. But me being me, I had a birthday sook and prematurely started posting. Not that it really matters.

So, as I say, I'm going to record my trip to Japan. I leave on the first of December, and this will include the preparations for my playtime/holiday, as well as my experiences when I'm in the country.

This introduction has been prompted by the arrival of my new favourite luggage bag.

Crocodile skin (faux crocodile skin) love. Blurry photo, clearly because I don't waste money on digital cameras when there are so many analogue treasures about. But, you can see what this looks like. Kathy Van Zeeland is ever so trashy. I say this without any affection, like one would with, say, Courtney Love or their best friends mother. I think she's one of the worst bag designers ever. But I really appreciate crocodile skin.
This is from her 'Pebble Beach' collection (I don't think you'd call it that), and bags like this were done in all different colours, including purple, which looked ridiculous.

Anyway, I love this bag. It's my carry on bag. I wish I had one of the bigger matching luggage cases.
I just realized some fucker stole my ice tea without me even realizing so I'm going to go find it.
Over and out.