Friday, February 5, 2010


I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf mutes...

Sailing seas and shit.
Riding into war on my steed.

Oh fuck, I love this hat, oh my god, fuck, so happy. Wow I am so fucking happy in this hate. Oh, did I say hate, I meant hat. No, I didn't.

In my defense, I have to say, and anyone who has been to Japan will agree with me, that when you are there certain things that would normally look hideous, start to look really nice. And so that explains some of these, particularity above, outfits.

Here are just some photos of me in the hotel room hanging out and stuff.
Doing my thang, which makes sense, seeing as "Let's do this thang" is my catch phrase. Not voluntarily of course, Tom made it my catch phrase.


In my fur coat, not wanting to be back.
I am really afraid of flying.

I hate taking off, scares the shit out of me.

Eating me feelings, as per usual.

ORIGAMI MOTHERFUCKING DINOSAURS!!!!!1 Like there were other origamis, but this is way better!
On the way to the airport.

... the morning I left... :'(
The candies that Mei ate in Mei and the Catbus (the short film I got to watch at Ghibli). My mother and I agreed that they symbolized drug use. See the film, you'll get it.
After Ghibli, is my Ghibli shirt, because I'm 10/10 cool.
Not a nice photo, but this temple deserves an honorable mention because I went there the first time I was in Japan, five years prior to this.
Nothing had changed. It was nice.