Saturday, March 7, 2009


The first thing I do when we arrive at our hotel, Le Gimmond, is change shoes; the second is get a pint of beer.

I walk to the local 'Lawson' (likened to a 7 Eleven) to get some mags and candies, and then it hits me: I'm back in Japan.

Our friends from Melbourne were already at the hotel, and together we walk to the Manga Museum.
Despite my expectations we were thoroughly disappointed. It was actually more like a library, and a bad one at that.
I would have looked back on it as a complete waste of time until something that has changed my life completely happened: as we (Adriana and I) sat outside the museum, I apathetically fiddling with my
cameras, I for some bizarre reason put my Holga fisheye lens on my digital camera. This is pretty much (not at all) comparable to the transition from daguerreotype to the Eastman Kodak Brownie; it was a revolution, for me at least.

It's around noon and I am starving, sore and tired, but with the day ahead of us we go for a notably long walk all around the residential Kyoto streets.

We even see the Imperial Palace.