Sunday, November 30, 2008

This time tomorrow I will be on the plane flying over an ocean or a farm or a meadow. Or crashing.

I packed lots of film. It my not look like much, but I'm only going for twelve days, and that's more than a roll a day. I console myself from nervousness with the idea that I can always buy more.

Six rolls of 35 mm film (ISO 100, 200 &400), two black and white & four colour, plus the black and white in my SLR and the colour in my crazy three photo camera.
Two packets of cartridge film (ISO 200), plus the one freshly loaded into my spy camera.
Five rolls of black and white 120 film (ISO 100) and three colour (ISO 200 & 400).

This is me and my favourite SLR. We met at Savers and luck had it that I had a model up of this that didn't work, so I had all the lenses and stuff.
It works wonderfully and I lurrrrve it. It's the heaviest of all my cameras, which doesn't really mean much as all my cameras are plastic or Bakelite.