Sunday, February 14, 2010

Soybean cake

If you ever plan to watch Doomsday, 2012, or whatever the fuck it is, make sure you do so on a pirated Balinese copy with the subtitles on, it's the only way you'll get any form of entertainment out of it.
Beach holiday with my under-agers (I mean that in the least patronizing way possible) consisted of Biggie, bewgs, bad movies & dress ups. Also, I almost drowned, no shit. Props to Jake for saving my life. And props to Liam for telling me not to go in that far in the first place... But he did punch me in the jaw, so I guess no props to Liam. Although he does make good Vegemite toast.
Anyway, we found the rich goose's suits and put them on. Nicely toasted.

Janice Ian; Dyke.

Your year eleven formal date.


We stopped off in Cranbourne on the way home, it sucked so fucking hard. Everything about it sucked. There were no babes worth sticking it in.